Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Say NO to the Party of NO

My current "man love" does it again. Here is Rep. Alan Grayson on changing the cloture vote. It is time to stop the republican shutdown of congress. They are holding up over 100 bills in the Senate.

It is time to say NO to the party of NO.

Fuck them all and make they truly irrelevant.

Go to Stop Senate Stalling and sign the petition.


  1. I'll sign this petition but have my doubts it will pass. If Reid would just use reconciliation to pass the HC bill we'll make out fine. Fuck the party of NO!!

  2. Double Fuck the party of NO!!

    And, oh, btw... happy turkey day, tomorrow!!

  3. I signed it. (and put it on my blog and facebook)

    I do believe in the power of positivity... and being optimistic,.......i hope this is resolved..

  4. They have to get it done before 2010 in case the republicans manage to convince their base of bigots, homophobes and idiots to get out and vote for them. There's lots of apathy and dissension among the lefties now.