Friday, November 6, 2009

It is no secret. The republicans hate the current health care bills before Congress. Fine! Let them. They finally have an alternative, much later than originally promised, but it is now out. The republicans have published their own health care plan.

So, where are the teabaggers and other republican pundits spouting off about what a great bill this is? Where are the ones saying that it is so much better, in all ways, than the current bills? Who is saying that it will solve our health care problems? Where are the rallies in favor of it? Where are the comparisons between bills that show the advantages of the republican plan.

I'm looking.

I'm listening.

I don't hear squat!

I wonder why?


  1. I think Linda said something about it at my place... Hmmmm great point Jerry!

  2. Maybe the tea baggers aren't as stupid as we think. They see the republican bill is nothing but a free pass for shitty doctors to get out of malpractice suits. It said nothing about gaurenteeing health coverage for anyone.

    Or more likely, the tea baggers are a hoarde of mindless sheep that haven't been given their signs proclaiming how "wonderful" the republican bill is. Or a bus ride compliments of FOX News.

  3. Boehner has been saying, for over a week...the rethugs have EIGHT proposals - and the Dems refused to consider any. What a liar, I would presume that the GOP has compiled another 18 page document as a cure-all.

  4. You are not hearing squat because it IS squat. Pure monkey shit.