Monday, November 16, 2009

Health Deform

No, it is not a miss-spelling. I mean deform. It is the title of an interesting article by Carol Miller over at She point out five deficiencies in the current house bill.

  • If passed, this law will move the U.S. farther from universal health care, making it harder than ever to accomplish health care justice in the future.
  • The legislation institutionalizes permanent inequality in health care.
  • Out-of-pocket costs remain sky high.
  • The legislation makes it illegal to not buy health insurance.
  • We will all be drowning in paperwork, which will continue to drive up administrative costs.
But what I like the best is her last paragraph,

"Imagine real reform, as simple as adding people ages 55 to 65 years old to Medicare in 2010, 35-55 in 2011, and so on until everyone is included by 2013. The bills that promote this kind of reform are under 200 pages, they are simple to implement, cost effective and equitable. Choose a doctor, choose a hospital when needed and let the government pay the bills. Everyone in one system."

It just makes so much more sense that what is currently being proposed!

1 comment:

  1. Well at least is well that some socialist/statists realize the house bill in its current form is a piece of c**p. Perhaps when all is said and done rational minds will ultimately prevail.

    Of course that would mean retaining the private sector management of health care while at the same time perhaps providing for some effective and limited government oversight.oversight.

    Of course combined with this would be meaningful TORT reform. Something most liberal lawyers are against as it cuts into their profit motive when defending clients.

    Well, whatever happens neither side is going to be happy. But as usual we will ALL have to live with it.