Monday, November 2, 2009

CEOs Bitch

CEOs are more concerned with their profits than with the health of their employees. This is the general drift of an article by David Lazarus in the LA Times.

Kodak has laid off about 22,000 workers in the last 5 years.

Verizon has laid off about 16,000 workers with more coming next year.

Caterpillar has laid off more than 27,000 workers.

Pfizer Inc has laid off more than 20,000 workers.

AT&T has laid off more than 12,000 workers.

Citigroup Inc. has laid off more than 52,000 workers.

Bank of America has laid off 35,000 workers.

JPMorgan Chase has laid off 14,000 workers.

Millions can't get employer-provided health care or have been rejected by private insurers.
The country's 500 largest public companies has laid off over 611,000 workers since the beginning of the year.

The CEOs of both Verizon and Kodak said through a news conference called by the Business Roundtable (all the above companies are members) said that a government health insurance plan is bad for America.

Where do they expect all the people that they have laid off to get insurance? Do they care? After all, they laid them off because their profits were more important than their people. And for those they have not laid off, most leading employers have increased premiums, co-pays, and deductibles.

As Lazarus asks -- "where do business leaders -- especially CEOs with their gold-plated benefits -- get off telling Americans what sort of healthcare is best for them?"


  1. Funny how these super rich creeps with gold plated health insurance begrudge working Americans any health insurance. They continue to show their arrogance and outright assholeness, yet both political parties pander to these creeps.

  2. How about the Senate and House members who have gold-plated healthcare for LIFE telling anybody about what to do with their personal healthcare? Free market healthcare, where everyone knows what hospitals and doctors charge and can shop prices in advance. We are all guilty of greed and don't care what healthcare costs as long as we don't have to pay. ONLY INDIVIDUALS PAY FOR EVERYTHING USED OR CONSUMED IN THE U.S.(talk about pandering! how 'bout those democrats???)