Monday, November 16, 2009

Columbus Go Home

This is too funny. The teabaggers have been punked! It just goes to show you that they do not listen to what is being said. They only hear a few key phrases.

On Saturday, a few dozen anti-immigration activists gathered on the steps of the Minnesota State Capitol for a Tea Party, part of the nationwide effort by Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC). But somehow, one of the counter-protesters, a “concerned citizen from Minneapolis” named “Robert Erickson,” manged to get on the speaking list. His address started with the standard anti-immigrant rhetoric, but then revealed that he was talking about European immigrants. By this time, however, the crowd was in a frenzy and joined him in his chants of “Columbus go home!” and “Europeans out!”

If you want to skip the boring parts, he starts talking about Europeans at about 2:18 and starts the Columbus go home chant at 3:20.


  1. Morons, it sounds like a crowd of about 20!!

  2. Forest Gump payed more attention than these nitwits. I kept thinking, oh shit they're going to lynch him, but of course, they had no clue.