Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Another View of Veterans Day

Here is Andy Rooney with his take on Veterans Day. (Please excuse the commercial at the beginning. I don't know how to strip it out.)

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I kind of like the idea of a No War Day.


  1. Mother Theresa said she would never attend an anti-war rally; but would attend a Peace Event. It is all about the wording. If you want Peace better to dwell on talk of Peace and not use the word war.

    They say the Universe brings you what you concentrate on most.. I like to thing if we concentrate on Peace and Positivity more good will come.

    Like a mother that notices the good thing her children do and praise them; instead of taking those actions for granted and only giving negative attention to the bad traits..

  2. Got to give one to Andy. At least the thought and concern behind his words are sincere.

    However, until such time as all of humanity recognizes that the only way to peace is through respecting the right of every individual to exist and live own their own terms of rational self interest and liberty this will never happen.

    As long as statist governments exist to insure their power over not only their citizens, but attempt to extend it beyond their borders war will remain a reality.

    No amount of passivity however, will deter the statist nation bent on control and power.

    Nor can a single nation sutain the economic burden of being the worlds policeman nor the worlds benefactor.

    Good thoughts Andy, history has proved them likely unrealizable time and time over.

    As human beings, from all nations, we seem unable to act in large share as rational individuals concerned primarily with our own rational self interests, and in so doing allow others to act the same.

    If only the statist mindset of both the liberals and conservatives could only understand those simple yet profound truths.