Sunday, November 29, 2009

Most Influencial Rush

So who do you think is the most influential conservative? If you guessed Rush Limbaugh, you are right.

In a poll conducted by 60-Minutes and Vanity Fair, Rush came out on top with 26% of vote, kicking the crap out of number 2 Glenn Beck (11%). Think about it. The most influential conservative voices are a couple of media talk hosts. These guys are f**king entertainers. They are not deep thinkers. They are not schooled in history and politics. They sit in front of a mic, or maybe in Beck's case wander around with a mic hanging over his head, and say things to attract listeners to them so they can collect lots of money from advertisers. They don't care about you or me. It all about the ratings and money. And these clowns are the most influential. No wonder the conservative movement is self-destructing.

Come to think about it, the great conservative god, Reagan, was an entertainer also, and not a very good one, so he had to go into politics.

I think I see a pattern here.


  1. my reply?


    he is an egotistical bastard asswipe.

    he judges without compassion because HE is the only right opinion.

    again, i say-



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  3. What about Lou Dobbs? Not so influencial now that he's been fired, but I heard he might run for president in 2012.

    He'll get the xenophobe vote for sure, but what about the homophobe vote? Those two voting blocks are reliable Republican voters. Can Lou win the presidency with only one of them?

    As far a Conservative actors go, how about Craig T. Nelson? He demonstrated his own commitment to personal responsibility on the Glenn Beck show when he stated, "What happened to society? I go into business, I don't make it, I go bankrupt. I've been on food stamps and welfare, did anybody help me out? No. No".

    Rush or Glenn will never run for any political office. They don't give a damn about the country. All their love is reserved for their millions.

  4. I love the Craig T Nelson quote. Being on food stamps and welfare, and no one helping? Ahhh...what about EVERYONE helping? It's like "keep the government out of my Medicare". What do these people have between their ears? Mush?