Monday, August 23, 2010

Want 3 Million Dollars?

All you have to do is be one of the richest 120,000 people in the US AND have the Bush tax cuts extended.  That is what the republican want to do. 

Oh, and in the process the republicans want to add $680,000,000,000 (that's six hundred eighty BILLION dollars) to the deficit, the deficit that is so important to them that they would rather have average Americans starve and be thrown out of their homes than extend unemployment benefit because of the impact on the deficit.

Republicans -- love the rich, and hate the poor and middle class.


  1. And they actually tell us with a straight face that without these tax breaks they will not be able to create private sector jobs.

    They are not lending money, they are not creating jobs, they are not contributing toward society.

    They are societies rapists, and plunderers.
    They are psychopaths, and traitors to society.
    They are the saboteurs of our country.
    They are the midnight gamblers at the Casino.

    And we are their ant farm.

    Wake up America.
    We live in a fascist state.
    We go along just to get along.
    Dems try to be nice, make concessions, compromise, turn the page.
    WRONG ! ! It is way past that time.
    They must be exposed for what they are. They are the pariah of humanity.
    Punishment for this is that they must be crushed like the cock roaches that they are.
    No more Mr. Nice Guy.

  2. More concessions?

  3. America is dead asleep I'm afraid. The numbers and the facts are so clear, so why don't they GET IT???

  4. That's a good point, RZ. If the tax cuts are so necessary, where are the jobs that they are creating NOW? Since the tax cuts went into effect, the economy and jobs have gone in the toilet.

    Time to flush and get out.

  5. You have got to see this. Especially the end.

  6. RZ, I recommend that EVERYBODY watch that video.

  7. Republicans had no problem putting America 13 trillion dollars in debt, but NOW they worry about debt, and want to stop any help for Americans in the shitty economy they created. What asshole hypocrites.

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