Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It Might Be Worth Voting Republican

Linda McMahon has won the republican nomination for Senate from Connecticut.  She is the ex-CEO of the World Wrestling Federation (WWF).  McMahon is experienced at peddling violence and mayhem to millions of people.  Can you imagine the entertainment when she brings her expertise to the Senate floor.  Take a look at this video of her to get an idea of what may lay ahead.

It is almost enough to get me to vote republican.  Alas, I don't live in Connecticut.


  1. She spent 20 million of her own money.
    How much will she get paid if she wins?

    Wait ! Wait ! I am talking about her salary, not kick backs and future gigs.

    We no longer elect the most capable. We elect the one who can afford to buy a title.
    How can some one have such an ego?

  2. It just shows you that people don't question the message or look at the qualifications of the person. We get the congresspersons we deserve.

  3. Britain has its Lords, Dukes, Earls,
    etc. We have Senators, and Congress persons. They are titled for life.
    With a very few exceptions they are all white collar criminals.
    This system is destined to crash and burn. In a morbid way I hope I live long enough to watch it. :-)
    It can not be saved. Any one who thinks it can is delusional.

  4. Maybe I'm close minded (maybe) but nothing, NOTHING, can induce me to vote republican. Nothing!