Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jobs - Whose Fault Are They?

Here are a couple of interesting graphs that I have come across.  The first one compares job losses by Bush and Obama.  It is from Erza Klein, although I first saw it on Bob Cesca's site.  It compares the job losses between December 2007 to July 2009 (Bush losses) and July 2009 to July 2010.  The Bush losses includes the first six months of the Obama administration because Obama's policies had not taken effect yet.

The other graph comes from Ben Daniels.  It tracks the monthly jobs report with the stimulus spending overlaid.  The correlations is interesting.  It is hard to say that the stimulus has not improved the jobs picture.


  1. As I, you, and other liberals have been saying. What Republicans say about the Obama recovery are lies and I hope Americans realize it.
    Even if you end Bush in his last January, that January (one month only) America lost 7000,000 jobs.
    By any stats, realistic observation, or unbiased research, Obama is doing fine for America's recovery. Sure we would like it to be faster, but it took Republicans 30 years to screw it up.

  2. Here is some good info.

    For what its worth.
    They also show how much money went to your state, and county. Pretty interesting.

  3. Even after stimulus packages, the employment generated is not even 50% compared to the total job loss at the time of recession.

  4. This shows, in one simple glance, how bad Bush/Republican economic policy was and how much better Obama/Democratic economic policy is. The Republicans have been lying to us for years on the economy. Tax cuts for the rich were supposed to create massive new investment here and a boom in new high-paying jobs here as well. They didn't. Instead, they led to massive investment overseas and the export of millions of American jobs. Republicans told us deregulation would help business become more efficient and lower costs and prices. Instead, we got $4 per gallon gasoline and massive unemployment. The conservative Republican "free market" economic model is a severely flawed one and must not be repeated.

    I slam Fred Thompson and refute every one of the lies he is telling in his current national TV ad campaign to renew Bush's tax cuts for the rich in my latest post, called "Fred Thompson Is Lying To You!" This guy, just like the organization and philosophy he represents, is shameful.

  5. freak - what's your point?

    Jack -- well said!