Saturday, August 7, 2010

Are The Democrats Going To Wimp Out Again?

Elizabeth Warren is by far the best choice to be the first director of the newly-created Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  The main complaint about her seem to be that she has been doing her job too well.  As a result, the worry is that she cannot be confirmed.  Chris Dodd has said, “What you don’t need to have is an eight-month battle for who the director or the head or chairperson of this new consumer financial protection bureau will be,

Why the hell not?!?  Let the republicans, once again, show that they are in the pockets of big business at the expense of the American people.

So here we go again.  All the republicans have to do is threaten to filibuster, and the dems start shaking in their boots.  Of course Dodd and many other Democrats are in the pocket of the bankers and financial institutions, so they don't want a strong leader of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau either.

Again, the public will get screwed while the politicians get paid off.W


  1. Giving her the gig is a no brainer.
    Geithner opposed her right out of the gate.
    That is very telling.