Saturday, August 14, 2010

Terror Babies -- WTF?

Here is more republican fear mongering.  This guy, Louis Gohmert, is a real congressman, part of the Texas braintrust that brought us "you know who".  Obviously, there are a lot of village idiots in Texas.

h/t to Batocchio at Vagabond Scholar.


  1. Uh huh. This guy was a judge?

    I could only watch about half of it, the man is such a blithering idiot.

    Just when you think they've exhausted their bag of insanity, they come back with new boggiemen. A prime candidate for a lobotomy.

  2. He's pandering to his base: Texas-1 is in a part of Texas that is most like the Deep South. Gohmert was elected in 2003 after the Delay redistricting scheme created a number of districts that favored right-wing candidates. Gohmert is right about one thing: He's not comparable to Winston Churchill.

  3. What an effin rude stupid ignorant thug this guy is. He even looks like a rodent.

  4. It was nice Cooper was able to have a moment to call the guy a demagogue & repeatedly ask what proof he had.
    But the old coot got in his jab-- you & Jon Stewart can have your fun-- either insulting Cooper by calling him a comedian, or complimenting Stewart by implying he is a journalist???
    Although honestly, often it is hard to tell the difference!

  5. Illegal immigrants having children within the United States of America are called“terror babies” by Texas Republicans who would like for the United States constitution to repeal the 14th amendment. United States of America citizenship is granted to anyone born in America with the 14th amendment. Congressman in Texas Louie Gohmert and Debbie Riddle, state representative, explain that taxpayers have to pay for illegal immigrants who come to America to have their babies. As adults, this babies attack the country from the inside after having returned home and having been trained by sleeper agents.