Wednesday, August 4, 2010

More republican Hypocrisy

Republican hypocrisy is at work again.  From Think comes an article about how more and more high profile republicans are signing on the the idea of repealing part of the 14th Amendment while at the same time the GOP is listing the passage of the 14th Amendment as a great GOP accomplishment.

Looks like we have another example of how poorly the republicans govern.  They don't even like their own, self-proclaimed accomplishment.  Wow.  The party that says we should follow the Constitution exactly as written, doesn't like the way THEY wrote it.

Well, tough shit, idiots!

Next time do a better job -- if there is a next time.


  1. it's too funny Jerry! The are so dumb and it gets worse by the day. How can some predict they will still win back the House?? The voters in this country can't be as dumb as the GOP can they??

  2. They don't stop at being stupid. They attack with hate, violence, and harassment. Just today I had to install comment moderation to stop the vulgar attacks on my blog from one of them, and that is not the first time I have had to do it.
    Their lies are so obvious, they are evil.

  3. It is no wonder the Republicans are the minority party. They hate government, they hate science, they hate history, they hate fact, they hate the poor, they hate the middle class, they hate workers, and they hate all who aren't wealthy, militaristic, white, or just like them. With so many exclusionary tendencies, it's a miracle they hold any governmental seats at all or get any votes. They are the party of witchhunts and persecution. This is not the Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln!!!!!!

  4. They hate, they're paranoid and they're scared of the big bad black man.

  5. Hate is clearly the operative word for the GOP. For them the Constitution is decoration, nothing more.