Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Republican Tax Increase


  1. Well done, Jerry, and way to expose another sneaky Republican lie!

  2. I for one am tired of bending over. And I don't understand why many of our citizens are also not tired of this shit. Oh, I keep forgetting about the cool-aid.

    Good one Jerry!

  3. Kool-aid is tempting because of the sugar. It's sweet to think you can have lower taxes and pay the bills. In the last 30 years people have become addicted to the "No New Tax" philosophy of the Republicans. I wonder how they excuse their part in building a 13 trillion dollar debt. The proof is so clear, I don't know how anyone can vote Republican after the mess they have made.

    1. Oh really, the mess REPUBLICANS have made? I can see someone is not thinking in their right mind! Liberals are the ones that would like higher taxes because they want more government involvement. Do you have any idea what that would turn our country into? Our country would turn into the liberal European countries that have everything done for them. My point is, there is no reason to pay more money so the government does everything for us, when it is absolutely FREE to do things our selves. Furthermore, the actions of the liberals cause the country a tremendous amount of debt.
      Do you have an argument against my thinking? If so, I would like to hear it. And yes, if you haven't already realized, I am a conservative, and I'm proud of it.


  4. Excellent Jerry. You've used our language in a way that both describes the reality and is catchy enough to stick in voters' minds. I will describe this as Republican opposition to a Democratic tax cut from now on.

  5. Thanks, JC. Even I can understand this. Wonders never cease.

  6. "There is no free lunch" (Milton Freidman). Obamacare subsidizes those without health insurance from the public Treasury. Obamacare now proposes a "stipend" (free handout) to those millions who have lost their health policies because of this socialist mandate. Who pays for this? Tax increases are the traditional darling of wide eyed liberals enamored with big paternal government that offers to take care of our human needs from cradle to grave. Self reliance, ambition, incentive, self responsibility, education and climbing the success ladder become useless traits when government will take us there anyway -- so long as you vote for the scoundrels that give away the nation's treasures to insure their seats of power and arrogantly pretend they know better than anyone what is best for you. You can easily identify these half brains by their narcissistic gestures (ala Obama) and their continual smirks (ala Biden, Pelosi & Reid). They are all liars who have committed impeachable offenses against the United States.