Monday, June 28, 2010

Was There Even Any Doubt...

...that Donald Rumsfeld had a big ego? If there was, this article by ThinkProgress should remove any doubt. He has just paid about $50,000 for a portrait of himself to be hung at the Defense Department.

It is a painting of him at his "stand-up desk". Of course his stand-up desk would be a regular desk for most people. He is so short that if he sat at his desk, you would not see him, hence the stand-up desk. :)


  1. I can not even begin to tell you how much I despise this cretin.

    !@(* (^%$# *&@$#* _+*&^$@%&& (*@&^!(& (^%+)@&&^%!(

    @@((* ! @# )#@$
    I mean I hate this guy.
    Wonder if he still has a picture of himself shaking hands with Sadam, WHEN WE WERE SELLING him all those [chemical weapons of mass destruction] that he used on the Kurds.

  2. Rumsfeld himself should be hung, not his portrait. His portrait belongs in the hall of shame. The guy was arrogant, manipulative, deceitful, and a war criminal of the worst magnitude.

  3. Rumsfeld is the type of person America needs more of. You only have to look at the other comments here to realize that...