Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Bee Hunter

My grandchildren are afraid of bees. We have a small fountain in our backyard. The bees come to it for water...I assume. The kids run away when they see the bees. My German Shepherd does not. She attacks the bees.

It is really interesting watching her. I think she may have been stung in the mouth by one before, because she is really careful with them. She snaps at them with her front teeth. She can actually grab them out of the air.

However, she does not hold them in her mouth. When she gets a hold of a bee, she quickly shakes her head and throws the bee back into the air. If it falls to the ground, she will either paw at it, or grab it with her front teeth and throw it up into the air again. It is kind of like watching a cat play with a mouse. Once it stops wiggling around on the ground, she will eat it.

I don't particularly like her eating bees although it doesn't seem to have bothered her. And I figure she is going to do it when I am not around anyway, so...what the hell!

My other dog doesn't pay any attention to the bees until they are on the ground. Then she will come over and "nose" them. But, she doesn't really pay much attention to them. It is the German Shepherd that is the bee hunter.

This is the same dog that seems to have a problem with baseball on the TV. Normally she pays no attention to the television at all. Maybe sometimes when a dog on the TV barks, she will look up. But that is about it...unless there is a baseball game on.

When she hears me turn on a game, she will jump up, run over to the TV, stand in front of it, and, if I am not quick enough, she will bark and jump at the screen. Once I tell her "No", she will leave and go back and lay down. It doesn't seem to matter who is playing. She is not partial to one team or the other. And it is only baseball. I also watch basketball and some college football and those games do not interest her at all. It is only baseball. And it doesn't matter what TV the game is on. She will jump at any TV.

I wonder what she would do if I actually took her to a real game?


  1. Your German Shepard sounds like she has a lot of personality! How articulate of her to play with bees (so small already) like that! Does she like Joe Mauer as much as I do? ;)

  2. This dog sounds smart to be able to tell it is a baseball game. When I was young there used to be a lot of German Shepards. I hardly see them anymore. But I did see a beautiful one at the Ferry Boat. They usually only have Labradors to smell for bombs in people large backpacks..

    I was surprised to see a German Shepard. I used to be so unafraid as a child and go up to guard dogs etc and they were always nice in return. I guess they knew I was

    Dogs are smart. But i still Love my Chinchilla better than either dog I owned .. lol..(well Garry's but it kind of became mine)