Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Republicans True Colors Shine Once Again

The republicans are once again showing their true colors - green for money and black for oil.

Most of you have probably heard by now that BP is putting 20 billion dollars into an escrow account for spill victims. The republicans are already complaining according to ThinkProgress.

Michele Bachmann, the gift that keeps on giving, has called the account
"a redistribution of wealth fund."
She meant it as a criticism. Well you know what? That is exactly what it is and it is exactly what it should be. Take the wealth of BP Oil and give it to the people that BP has injured. What the hell is wrong with that? The alternative is to let BP off the hook and put the American public on the hook.

Fuck you, Bachmann.

The other dimwit that the ThinkProgress article talks about is Mississippi governor, Haley Barbour. He's worried that BP will lose some profits. He says they need their money to more drill wells. He's worried that the company that made about 6 BILLION dollars in the first quarter of 2010 and made 163 BILLION dollars from 2001 through 2009 is going to "lose some profits".

Well, fuck off Barbour!


  1. These fuckers just get dumb ass and dumb assier by the seconds. WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY THINKING ABOUT?????

  2. oh please please please wingnuts, don't stop talking!! They are dumb as dirt, and we don't have to say a damn thing. They are killing their party all by themselves!!! ROFLMFAO!!!

  3. What if 20 is not enuff? Bp can not cap the oil well. But did they cap their liability?
    If Matt Simmons is correct? And he probably is, then we will be having a nuclear explosion sooner than later.

  4. I don't think the 20 bil is a cap. At least I have not read that...yet. I see no reason why more money could not be added to the account if needed.

  5. I hope the Govt. lawyers put a clause in there preparing for a BP BK.

    Here is a man after their heart and lack of soul.:-) pun intended. Watch the video. HE MEANT IT.

  6. Greed is just exponent in nature.

    My 14 year old son did get really intrigue with all of this.. I got him the book An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore to read.

    The only good thing about this tragedy is that it sparked my son to really start reading and learning and wanting to change things..

    I do hope the next generation is more eco conscious and have the Fight in them to make a change..

    I reached the point that I just feel powerless; except to do my part and buy a book for my son.. since he is totally into wanting a Change.

  7. If the R's want to campaign against the escrow and for BP's profit margin, please oh please don't throw me into that briar patch.

    The 20 bil is definitely not a cap. There's an extra 100 mil set aside for rig workers idled by the moratorium.

    Cao is Vietnamese, not Japanese, but his suggestion did make for good theater.