Sunday, June 6, 2010

Understanding The Problem

Tony Hayward, BP CEO, said,

"In this accident, based on what we understand so far, seven layers of protection were breached."

He doesn't understand the problem. The problem is not how many layers of protection they had. The problem is that they had no viable plan in place if a blowout happened.

A four month wait while a relief well is drilled is not a viable plan.


  1. Hopefully, the spill will be the impetus for reforms in the MMS, starting with such apparently radical notions as the Interior Dept's job being to protect the interior and not help exploit it.

    But you know what? They could implement the most stringent rules since Teddy Roosevelt, and the next Republican president would suspend them.

  2. so true, yes and thats why they must never get the chance to come back!! Hard work ahead of us guys!!