Friday, June 18, 2010

Sign Of The Times

I like this picture. It is the GOP congressional game plan.

Actually what I want to right about has nothing to do with politics. Being a resident of Los Angeles, I was greatly pleased by the outcome of last night's game. I poured over the paper this morning reading every article about it.

I came across the following statement in one of the articles,
Bryant sounded this note so often he started to sound like a broken CD.
A broken CD?!?

It use to be "sounded like a broken record". And then I thought, OH yeah! Kids now a day don't even know what a record is.

Hell, they probably have not heard of a "punch card" either.



  1. wow, that's some great editing :)

  2. Yes, I agree with you about those road signs representing the GOP game plan. As for being "greatly pleased by the outcome of the game"... whether or not I was a resident of LA, I would not care as I do not follow sports... doesn't matter what sport you're talking about. I'm guessing basketball?

    OK, I'm right... found that out by hovering over the link which contains the words "lakers" and "celtics". I'm pretty sure they're basketball teams.