Sunday, March 1, 2009

Party Weekend

This is party weekend. Two sons have birthdays this weekend.

It all started on Thursday, son #1's birthday. His wife had a party for him last night (Saturday), but of course we had to celebrate his actual birthday also. So, Thursday night it was off to his favorite restaurant for dinner. It was a fairly small group of family, about ten of us. We all had a great time and ate way too much food that was not good for us. There was also a bit of drinking involved.

Friday was son #2's birthday. We watched the kids so he and his wife could actually go out on a date. Date was dinner and a movie (or so they told us!). With three kids, they rarely get an evening off by themselves. They had a great time. We took the kids out to dinner at their favorite restaurant. So, of course, it was more food that was not good for us. Not a lot of drinking involve in this outing. The kids wore us out. They didn't stop going until the parents got home around midnight.

Yesterday was the party for son #1. They had about 50 people altogether. His wife rented part of a party club that included a room with Guitar Hero and a couple of bowling lanes. More food that was not good for us and of course much drinking since there was a open bar. I found out that booze does not help the bowling game, but it makes is more fun.

Today is the party for son #2's birthday. It is at his favorite restaurant. This will be a smaller group than last night, about 20 people. And it is only dinner, not an evening long party. The food should be better also. At least this restaurant has real food and some if it is actually good for you, like seafood. Of course there will be a bit more drinking, but booze makes you smarter anyway. Alcohol kills brain cells. Darwin says the strongest survive so obviously alcohol kills the weak brain cells, and the strong ones survive. Of course. the strong cells are the smart cells. Hence alcohol makes you smarter.

So, starting tomorrow you should see much more intelligent posts from me.


  1. actually do sound more articulate....LOL......

    (just teasing). I think it is so cool..that everyone in your family are happily married........and that is a true blessing... :)

    Thanks for making me laugh out loud...had to cancel work....... we are having a snowstorm.....just shoveled before with my was about 7 or 8 inches his best friend came over to see if they could make money shoveling... LOL....

    Good for them..

    And lucky you in California....tomorrow it will feel like 0 with the wind factor at times.

  2. You must be exhausted! And here's to hoping Darwin is right...

  3. Forget "intelligent posts" seems like you had a great few days, surrounded by friends and family.