Sunday, March 29, 2009

An Evening With The Granddaughters

Last night we took two of our granddaughters out to dinner while their parents went out with friends. The girls are 3 and 9. The 3 year old thinks she is 9. I guess that's what happens when you have an older sister that you idolize.

The kids were really good at dinner. We got a booth so they were somewhat contained. It seems to work out much better in a booth, than sitting around a table. We put one girl on each side and then sit on the outside. They have lots of fun ordering for themselves. Even the 3 year old is able to explain what she wants. In fact, in many ways, she seems more mature than the 9 year old.

The 9 year old is the granddaughter with scoliosis. She wears her brace most of the time now and she is starting to have fun with it. She will ask me to try to tickle her or hit her in the stomach. Of course she cannot feel a thing because of the hard brace. It is thin and goes under her clothing so no one knows she is wearing it unless they actually touch her,

After dinner we came home and watched Bolt. The kids enjoyed it. Personally, I think Disney has lost a lot. Their current animated movies don't compare to their old classics. But then, maybe I am just showing my age.

Speaking of age, I was ready for bed by the time their parents showed up at midnight.

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