Saturday, March 7, 2009

Milk Or Beer?

Milk is good for you, right? I was pouring myself a glass of milk a couple of nights ago and noticed that on the carton is says that milk has 120 calories in an 8 oz serving. That works out to 180 calories for a 12 oz glass -- the size of a standard bottle of beer.

The average beer has about 150 calories per bottle. They range all over the place with light beers being around 100 calories and "real", heavier beers approach 200+ calories. If you want more details, check out here.

Given a choice, I would rather drink a bottle of beer than a large glass of milk. I now have additional incentive to drink the beer. It will save me calories.

Beer -- the new diet drink.


  1. "Does My BUTT Look BIG In This BEER? Nutritional Values Of 2,000 Worldwide Beers "

    With a Nutrition Facts label not on regular-brewed beers...why guess?

    Stop by for more info including some video presentations of popular beers with their nutritional values.

  2. I am totally with you on that one! Beer over milk, any day :D

  3. milk.. is only 80 calories.. (which is healthier for you than low fat
    or regular milk) only 120 for a 12 ounce cup......

    I actually love milk way more than beer...

    Now Vodka........ I'm 1/8th polish and 1/8th Ukraine... in a Cosmopolitan is a piece of ARTWORK.. Love those V-Shape glasses..