Friday, March 20, 2009

Stuff Happens

Stuff happens! I hate to quote our illustrious former vice president, but he said it before me. Stuff does happen. Not like letting us get attacked by terrorists, ignoring hurricane victims, torturing people, spying on us, That's not the kind of stuff I am talking about.

In the last week I had to replace our water heater. It was 23 years, so it was not entirely unexpected. Stuff happens, but it does not have to be unexpected. Fortunately I noticed that it had started leaking a little bit. The water heater is inside the house, so if it let go, then there really would have been a mess. At least it only cost me a new water heater. I didn't have water damage to fix also.

On Monday, I was driving to Costco. I had just made a left turn onto the street that leads directly to Costco which was about 4 blocks away. I start up the street and someone decide to pull out of a parking spot just as I am driving by. SCRAP! The whole left side of my car gets scrapped up from the front wheel to the back wheel. A young girl was driving. She didn't look as she pulled out of the parking spot. I felt kind of sorry for her. She was shaking like a leaf and said that her father was going to kill her. I felt sorry, but not enough to agree not to report it to my insurance company. Besides, I doubt she could come up with the $2000 it is going to cost to repair. Stuff happens. The good side of it is that I am getting to drive a Prius for a week while to car in is the shop. I've been thinking about buying one, so this is a great test drive.

Yesterday I went to the eye doctor. My vision has been getting worse more rapidly than it use to. I got new glasses about 6 months ago and now I need them renewed again. They told me that I have cararacts in both eyes and a thickening of the membrane that covers the retina in my left eye. I have to go to a ophthalmologist to have the membrane evaluated. They said that the cataracts are not too bad. It is something that happens to most people as they get older. Stuff happens. The upside? I'm not sure I have figured that one out yet.

So, that's been my week. How's yours? Remember, stuff happens. Of course it is not always bad stuff. Good stuff happens too.

I vote for the good stuff.


  1. It's great how you keep things in perspective, even after a tough week.

  2. Oh drat! Tis good to keep an eye on the good stuff. It is always there, even if buried amongst the other bad stuff.

    I am not too well versed in the area of cataracts, but remember a few of my step- relatives had cataracts and after their surgeries didn't need glasses anymore. Could that be a good thing? :)

  3. Sarah, I asked my Dr how bad are my cataracts. How close am I to needing surgery. He said that I should have surgery when I can no longer do the things that I want to do. I would expect my eyesight to improve after surgery. It would be great to get rid of my glasses.

  4. Well that is definitely good news! Hopefully you have a long way to go before you can no longer do the things you want to do. :)