Thursday, February 26, 2009

Power Play

While it is rare that we lose power, it does happen occasionally. Usually it lasts only a few minutes and then comes back on with little interruption in our daily routine.

Yesterday the power went out about 245pm. My wife was upset because she had just put dinner into the crockpot and was expecting to cook it for about 4 hours. I said, don't worry. The power will be back on in a few minutes.

An hour later the power was still off and the only thing cooking was my wife. Since only the electricity was off, the gas stove was still working. You just had to light it manually. So the contents from the crockpot went into a stove pot and begin cooking on the stove.

I told her that as soon as we got everything on the stove, the power would come on. Well, I was wrong again.

By now it was starting to get near dusk. I said the the power would be on any minute now because it is getting late and whatever went wrong, they will have it fixed before dark. Wrong again.

Dinner was ready so we ate by candle light. Dinner was really enjoyable. Normally the TV is on and we watch either Jeopardy or Wheel Of Fortune depending on the time. Last night because of the power outage, there was no TV. We actually had to talk to each other for all of our entertainment. It was kind like being out on a date. Very enjoyable. Maybe I should break the TV in our dining room.

After dinner I called the power company and they said that the power would be restored by 8 pm. OK, that will work. By 9 pm there was still no power, so I called again. This time they apologized first (bad sign) and said that the power would not be on until 7 am in the morning.

Bad. By then things in the freezer may start thawing. Not good.

Then at about 930 pm all the power came back on.

Go figure!


  1. "break the tv" -- lol!

    Isn't it a bummer when our modern conveniences are interrupted? It is good to hear you and your wife had some good, quality time toether. :)

  2. TV in the dinning room? Since I gave up the cable so I'd focus on the thesis, I really don't miss it. I read more, feel more relaxed and just better overall. You should go TV free once in a while.

  3. Miss Scorpio, you are right. I should go TV free once in a while. We are a bit overloaded with TVs. We have 5 of them spread out through the house plus one small battery operated TV that we sometimes use in the car.

    Kind of sad, isn't it.

  4. This was so R*O*M*A*N*T*I*C... sweet!!!!

    I echo Miss scopio.... TV in the dining room...yikes!! lol.

    Really live and let live.... :)

    I have two larger t.v.'s downstairs in the furnish apartment I started renting in September..

    And a tiny t.v. up here in the living room...

    Yep..left the larger 2 downstairs...I might listen to t.v as i do chores but don't actively watch it..
    And would NOT let my 13 year old son have one in his room...

    1 is enough.

    Again this was utterly Romantic...

    You should do this a few times a week... eat by candles and no t.v. on.. sweet!!

  5. It appears the power outage gave you a chance for a nice quiet evening, that was a great thing.

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