Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pulling Teeth

Today was tooth day. This is what I spent an hour and a half of my morning looking up at.


I wrote earlier about having to have a tooth pulled. It turned out that after having a consultation with the dentist, if that is what I should call him, (he's an oral and maxillofacial surgeon) we decided that two teeth should come out. They were both on the left side, one upper and one lower. The crown on the upper on broke off about 3 weeks ago. The lower one also has a crown. There is decay on the root and under the crown. The Dr. said that the tooth would not last much longer. He was surprised that it was not bothering me yet. He said that it also looked like there was an infection starting so his recommendation was to take out both teeth. He said we could do it one at a time, or both of them together. I chose both together.

Besides pulling the teeth, he also did bone grafts, essentially filling up the holes with dead people bone. He took powdered bone, presumably from cadavers, mixed it with some secret sauce, and stuffed into the holes where once lived a couple of my teeth. Then he covered it over with a membrane -- he said that it was similar to plumbers tape. You know, the stuff they wrap around the end of a pipe before screwing it into a fitting. Instead of getting it at Home Depot, he pays 100 times more and gets it from a medical supply house. Then everything was sewn together and I was kicked out the door with some good drugs.

I just took a vicodin, so if I get a little loopy, you know why.

Actually, as far as tooth pulling goes, this guy is good. I have had three different dentists pull teeth in the last year or so. This dentist is by far the gentlest. There should be an advantage to paying a quadrabizillon dollars instead of just a bizillon. I guess this is it. He went slow and easy. There wasn't a lot of pulling, pushing, and twisting like the other two guys. And one of these teeth was probably the most difficult extraction.

I will survive. The drugs are good. Now, I am going to contemplate my navel.


  1. Oh the delights of much fun, so much loopiness.

  2. hugs..

    I had a very very very low dose of vicadin when I had a tooth root pulled out when I fell on black ice.

    I took one and it was horrendously too strong for me. So I could not take them.

    But actually I was not in any pain.. the tooth root came out so gentle and all.

    I was sore and not in pain really.

    gEt plenty of rest...............((hugs))