Monday, September 22, 2008

The Orange Man Cometh

I wrote a couple of days ago about having an orange oil termite man come out to check out our termite infestation. He came today and confirmed that we have dry wood termites. Because of the way our house is constructed, there are parts of it that they cannot get into, so he cannot do the whole house. But they can treat the one area where we know the termites are.

The upside is that it will cost much less than doing the whole house. The downside is that we may miss some termites. I am willing to take that chance. The front windows are the only place where we have seen signs of them . That doesn't mean there are not more of the little buggers around, but I am willing to take that chance. At least for now.

The alternative is to put the house in a poison bubble for a few days. It works. It kills all the termites, but there will be poison residue around. I don't care what they say. We have grandchildren and pets running around. I don't want to expose them to the residue.

So, local economy - you are going to get a little help, but not as much as I thought!


  1. Orange man.... definintly... that whole bubble thing would freak me out....

    I just hope he gets them all! One of my biggest fears is termites.... *having a crack twitch* ACK! gives me shivers:-)

  2. Good Luck, but you should not be paying anymore then $500.00 for this kind of treatment. And don,t think that you are using a environmentally friendly method as Orange Oil is just that a oil and it is highly flammable. So it is kind of like pouring gasoline in your walls.