Friday, September 12, 2008

Backing Up

Have you ever noticed that dogs have trouble backing up?

I have a German Shepherd. She follows me everywhere around the house. There is a narrow space between my bed and the wall. I sit on the side of the bed to put on my shoes, and she often walks into the space to see what I am doing.

It is too narrow for her to turn around, so she has to back up. It is very funny watching her. She is a fairly long dog and her back legs are not always in sync with her front legs, especially when going backward. She will back up some, go forward a little to straighten out, then continue back.

I wonder if front legs - back legs for a dog are like left hand - right hand for us? I am right handed. That fact is brought into clear focus whenever I try to use my mouse left handed. It makes me feel like a dog backing up.


  1. I find it absolutely fantastic that you notice the little things like that...

    I think you're pretty all right Jerry Critter...

    Hell, I notice when the kids have trouble going to the bathroom.... or they're telling a "fib".... Not quite the same... but details are important....

  2. It's paying attention to the little details that makes life interesting... and parenting successful!