Friday, September 12, 2008

Local Business

I like to patronize local businesses. It's convenient and helps the community. It is sometimes a little more costly, but that's OK.

Today I picked up a new pair of glasses. I usually get them from my local eye doctor. This time I went to Costco. New glasses and frames at my doctor's place are a little over $600 not including the exam. My new glasses at Costco were under $300. (I still got the eye exam from my doctor.) I feel kind of bad going to Costco instead of my doctor. He has always treated me very well and I am happy with his service. It simply came down to money.

At what point does economics over ride community? Or is that even the right question to ask?

1 comment:

  1. At some point.... the community expects too much from itself... I love my community... local farmer's market... local resale shops.... local online ads... but in the end, the bottom line is YOU and YOUR bottom line...

    It makes sense to me :-)