Sunday, September 28, 2008

300 Pound Dog

300 pound dog -- actually there are 4 dogs that make up the 300 pounds.

This weekend I am watching my son's two dogs along with my two. That gives me:
2 German Shepherds
1 Golden Retriever
1 Yellow Lab (mixed with chow -- the dog, not the food)

All together they weigh about 300 pounds. Do you know how much crap and pee 300 pounds of dogs produce? Let me tell you, it is a lot! I have a large dirt area in the backyard. It is spotted with wet spots all around. It looks like it rained back there. However, given that the sun is out and it is about 80 deg F outside, I don't think rain is the cause of the spots. And every time I go out there, there is a new "pile" to pick up.

I shouldn't really complain however. I love having all the dogs here. Whenever I go out to the yard, or the dogs come into the house, they are so happy to see me. They run all around me, panting and waiting to be petted. They don't jump up on me. They have had some training. But their excitement and enthusiasm is infectious.

When I spend a little time with them, I feel better about the world. I think we should elect a dog as president!

NOTE: After writing my last post, I needed some "dog time" to tune up my head. I now feel much better.


  1. I can't even imagine how much crap those four dogs can produce. My dog weighs 16 pounds and the amount he produces - although not that much is enough for me! :0)

  2. We are about to be possessed by a male St. Bernard. I have heard that they can weigh up to 200 pounds and I am just praying that this (currently) little guy never tops out above 160. Having bred Rotties in the past I remember the amount of dog poop we had to contend with all too well and I'm hoping we can teach this one to poop in the woods with our 23 pound Rat Terrier.

  3. I would love to have a St. Bernard, but I hear that they slobber a lot.

  4. Personally, I have my eye on a border collie

  5. I had a border collie about 15 years ago. Terrific dog, but very high energy. He had girl friends all around the neighborhood. He would jump over a 6 ft fence, visit his friends, then return home and bang on the front door until I would open it. It wasn't too bad when he did it during the day, but it was a real pain when he did it in the middle of the night!