Sunday, December 11, 2011

Romney Just Doesn't Get It

He says he is one of us.  He says he is unemployed.  He says things like "government employees “are making a lot more money than we [emphasis added]are.”"

Well, how many of you out there can afford an off-the-cuff bet of $10,000?  That's ten thousand dollars for those of you who are numerically challenged.

Check out the video below:

This man is an idiot!

Here is what STFU, Conservatives has to say about it:
Y’see Mitt, this is why this is so bad for you. When average Americans make joking half-hearted bets they usually go for something like $5 or a Coke, because if the person does in fact call them on it then hey it’s just a Coke. $10k as a single bet is the kind of dough you throw down on a table in a back room behind a velvet rope. Most people don’t relate to that, so… have fun with that.
Romney is definitely not one of us.  He has a net worth north of $200,000,000.  That's TWO HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS for those of you who are numerically challenged.


  1. This is great news... For Mitt Romney!!!

    Based on Mitt's $250,000,000 net worth his $10,000 bet is the equivalent of a $5 or can of coke bet. So, neener neener in you...

  2. Along with the fact he's not one of "us," Romney is proving a fool and his money are soon parted. I don't just mean about his little side bet. He stands a good chance of going the way of Malcolm Forbes, Ross Perot, Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman, who blew huge sums on losing political campaigns.

  3. Meg Whitman, who was the victim of a sexist campaign in which she was labelled as a "Whore"

  4. None of them...not one...are one of us!

  5. Even this seriously numerically challenged reader gets it. Obviously Grung_e_Gene nor Anon do not.

    btw, Anon - there was NO sexist campaign against the incompetent and uber-wealthy woman who spent over $144 MILLION of her own money and another $178.5 MILLION from donors and what-not on her campaign - spending more than any other candidate in any race in the entire history of the country. No doubt she doesn't get it either.

    This sexist ad campaign you refer to was actually a private conversation that was inadvertently taped by a voicemail machine and made by an associate of Jerry Brown's. But since you're so concerned about sexist ads, how do you explain this vulgar attack on Hahn?

    Or, is there per chance a double standard here?

  6. Oh no, Leslie, to quote MY MAN Luntz; I get it! It's just I see In Mr. Romney a nice middle class dude just like me. Now where did I put that spare mansion? I'm always misplacing those things! And don't get me started on how many yachts I have oh gosh I could tell you stories about the hundreds of bottles of wine I reported stolen which just happened to be on my backup yacht!

  7. Romney's campaign slogan:

    A back up yacht in every mansion.

  8. @Grung-e-Gene: Sorry - it looks like I'm the one who didn't get it. ; )

  9. @Grung-e-Gene: Sorry - it looks like I'm the one who didn't get it. ; )

  10. Gambling is a no-no under Romney's Mormon religion. And, yea, a 10k bet is a great way to show how out of touch with the common man you are. I'm pulling for Newt! Just as out of touch, but it looks like it could be easier for Obama to beat him.

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