Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dogs Are Not The Problem (Neither Are Democrats)


H/T to STFU Conservatives

When are we going to blame the republicans?


  1. lol.. good one. I did, however, turn down a date tonight with a handsome man that has two pit bulls... !!! I do not blame the pitbulls.. just that he did say they play very very aggressively; so for him to say that.. no thanks. (to me that was very 'telling' )

    Great Post.. brought a smile.. !!

    I always loved German Sheppards... and Labradors.. !!

    I like what Mother Teresa said about setting up enemies.. why do they even have to have separate parties; why can they not just run on their own names for positions instead of this or that?

    In my spiritual groups we all vote on things without saying we are separate parties.. It just sounds like the human mind wants to cause complexes and set up differences. You already set someone up different when you label them differently.

  2. Labels allow us to make judgements about people before we know anything else about them. One of the first judgements we make are whether they are friend or foe. And that judgement can set the whole course of the relationship.

  3. I blame Bust for the Iraq War and the humongous deficits. That's a pretty good start, no?

  4. Jerry Critter,

    This seems like a pretty violent post. Are you advocating violence against those you disagree with ?

  5. Only if you consider assigning blame and holding responsible as violent acts.

  6. Jerry, as long as they don't start blaming pomeranians and papillons, I can live with it.