Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It Is Time For The Breakup

Breakup of the large media companies.

90% of the American media is owned by SIX corporations.  In the 1980's there were 50.  Now there are 6.  What does it mean?  Check out the graphic below.

Source: Frugal dad


  1. "It's time for the breakup." I'd say. Good grief.

  2. We've known some of that all along but not the severity of the concentration of ownership by the very few. 1% is it?


  3. Thanks for the graphic. This very plainly spells out and articulates what we already knew.

    No wonder the media/Hollywood titans have so much money with which to bribe Congress into passing the Protect IP Act and the Stop Online Piracy Act. (If you're unfamiliar with either of those bills, Google them, and be very very afraid.)

  4. To hell with all of them! Just give me LINK TV, Current TV, Critter's Crap, and a free internet, and I'm good to go! :-)

  5. Media consolidatio is a myth. There's more and more voices all the time.

    A demand for a "breakup" is a demand for censorship.

    See what Jack said. These alternatives were not there at all 25 years ago.

    A time when there were 4 national news sources on TV, instead the 6 or 7 we have now.

  6. Now that's funny, dmarks. You obviously did not read this post. If you did, how about refuting it with some real numbers rather than opinion.