Saturday, September 10, 2011

Who Pays Taxes?

How often have you heard the following statement, usually from republicans:

“It’s hard to have a fair tax system where only about half the people are paying,”

If you believe republicans, half the people in the US are deadbeats and living off the hard work of the other 50%.

Want the truth? 

Here's the short answer:

"81.9% of the population pays federal taxes based upon income or payroll, and of the remaining 18.1% that don't, 95% of those are elderly or very poor."

Want the long answer?  Read it here.


  1. Close to 100% of Americans pay taxes, the regressive kind, called state taxes. They count. They are taxes paid in America to keep things running.

    The tax policy in America is often regressive, when all taxes are considered. The more make, the lower your percentage.

    Top 1% Pays 95% Lie

    The inequality that the rich imagine is just that: imagined. Now, it should be real in a just society, but unfortunately it is not. I pay a higher effective tax rate than most multi-millionaires. That is the reality in American and that JUST REFERS TO FEDRAL INCOME TAX. I also pay a much much higher rate in other forms and an obscenely higher rate (percentage of my income) in sales tax.

    It is true that progressives want a just tax system, meaning progressively higher on higher portions of income. However, right now, it would be a huge windfall if the rich simply paid as much as the middle class.

  2. Very good point. I will add that all over the country, people who don't have a pit to hiss in pay what is for them plenty in sales taxes.