Wednesday, September 21, 2011

If They Were Teabaggers...

the MSM would be all over it.  Where is the supposedly "Liberal Mainstream Press" when it comes to the current protest on Wall Street?  Thousands of people have shown up, but narry a word in the press.



  1. It is DISGUSTING to see how the corporate media have all ignored this vitally important and relevant story! Only Keith Olbermann at Current TV has bothered to cover it. DISGRACEFUL!

  2. You're right about the lack of coverage for Occupy Wall Street. If a few dozen teabaggers gather on a street corner, the media is all over them. "It's the voice of the people!" "The American public is rising in anger!"

    There's also been a lot of police brutality at this Wall Street demonstration, according to a YouTube video I saw. Needless to say, the "media" isn't interested.

  3. Of course the "media" is not interested. The "media" are big corporations who are in bed with Wall Street.

  4. If they were Tea Partyers, there would have been no arrests or injured policemen.