Saturday, June 11, 2011

Study: 44 million could lose Medicaid coverage under GOP plan

 According to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

"Ryan has touted his budget plan as a way to preserve Medicaid by offering states more flexibility to wring savings from their programs."

The republican way of preserving a plan is to kill off all the people who participate in it!



  1. The plutocracy is waiting for the day that the living will envy the dead.

    If this is not stopped.
    That day is coming to a neighborhood near all of us.

  2. There is a certain convoluted logic to sickies, no funds expended. Then we could take the new found funds, create a corporation...and, new manufacture Soylent Green with the excessive bodies. The man may be on to something here.

  3. Republican are all wallet and no heart..

  4. "Republicans want the poor and seniors to eat dog food or die."

    I'd change that to "eat dog food AND die." Put that good ol' Chinese wheat gluten back into the dog food, and we'll be rid of those whiny Medicare recipients in no time.

  5. To the extent that Mr. Ryan (and others) wants to decentralize some of these behemoth programs, I have to say that that I at least agree in spirit. But, like you say, the devil is in the details and you certainly can't be squeezing a whole lot of blood out of a stone. Yes, there are in fact savings but, in my opinion, there are a whole hell of a lot more of those savings in that huge defense budget.