Friday, June 24, 2011

I Am Rapidly Becoming... Apple fan.

I have always been a Window person, primarily because that is what was used at work.  It just seemed to make sense to buy Windows computers for home use too.  Two sons are avid Apple users.  One of them does video and audio editing for a major film studio and is firmly locked into Apple products.  He recently convinced Mrs. Critter to buy an iMac and an iPad.

We have the grandchildren today.  As I sit here on my Windows laptop, the 11 year old is at the iMac editing a video using iMovie, a video she shot on her camera and uploaded to the iMac.

The 5 year old is on the iPad making a video using toy dinosaurs, laughing and giggling, and having a great time. 

I can't imagine either one of them doing this on a Windows machine.

I think Window computers are like republicans and Apple computers are like democrats.  One is old, dodgy, and slow-witted, while the other is current, hip, and people-oriented.


  1. Whether it's Windows or Mac,I just think kids can get the hang of these things a lot faster than us old farties.

  2. This country needs a couple dozen more Steve Jobses, and a couple dozen less politicians, IMHO.

  3. Maybe the government should be run like Apple.

  4. Macs are typically much more expensive than PCs, while being slower, having less options, and running hardly any software in comparison. The choice is clear there. It's a similar situation with smart phones, with the iPhones costing a lot more and relying on an app store which Apple censors with arbitrary decisions (no flash video, etc). But at least you can jailbreak in iPhone (againt the wishes of Apple) to make it useful.

    It's also murder trying to get music and stuff into an iPod or iPhone. I tried with my 2nd hand iPhone and gave up (the iTunes software is required, with its incredibly non-intuitive file system). But with any non-Apple MP3 player, you just connect it and copy music files and you are good to go.

    "Maybe the government should be run like Apple."

    I don't think the political analogy is desired here, as Apple is more limited and authoritarian.

    Earlier this year, Steve Jobs made a speech in which he complained about the Android world having 4 different markets for apps, and all those choices. He said Apple was so much better because there was only one app store.

    Using that sort of idea, let's ban all stores other than Walmart. All those choices are bad, right?

  5. dmarks, I'd like to disagree with you, but (unbelievable as it may be) you make some good points.

    How about we ban Walmart?

    On the other hand, Microsoft has been sued a number of time for their monopolistic behavior... so I don't think you can criticize only Apple for this type of behavior.

    What's up with your infatuation with Steve Jobs Will? Personally I think he's contributing to the disposable nature of our society with all his unneeded technocrap. I don't own an iPhone. I don't want an iPhone.

    I don't use iTunes. I don't like the fact that they invented their own unnecessary file format for their music. What was the point?

  6. Simple, wd, I like Steve Jobs because he's an innovator (the fact that YOU don't want his stuff is immaterial). We need MORE innovators and less dimwitted central-planners, politicos, people trying to bring back the horse and buggy, chimpshit labor, etc..

  7. I agree dmarks. I don't think the government should be run like Apple. I don't think the government should be run like a business at all. It is not a business. In fact, one of the purposes of government is to regulate business, something it has been extremely lax on the last 30 years.

  8. lol.. funny.

    My son with his computer degree; said never to get an Apple product..

    I have no idea why.. (they look so vivid and bright in the stores.. )..

    Anyway too expensive is right... so keeping my almost 4 year old laptop..