Thursday, June 2, 2011

Are These REALLY Bad Ideas?

How To Turn The Economy Around In One Year...

1.  Make banks loosen credit.

2.  Make corporations bring jobs back to the US.

And do it without spending tax dollars!


  1. Both of those ideas (and the means of enforcing them) are excellent.

    Unfortunately the corporate pimps who own America would never let their congressional prostitutes do anything of the sort.

    Nice to dream about though.

  2. I read it. Sounds simple and workable. Shame it won't materialize. The egos of those in so-called power like things to continue chaotic .. they do not care about their fellow humans. (sad)

  3. "Second choice is, tax corporations $100 per hour, per employee that they have overseas"

    Which would have the effect of forcing any company with foreign employees to leave this country.

    I don't know exactly the sort of impact them all leaving would have, but I doubt it would be very good.

  4. So, where the problem? Let them leave. Others will step in, in their place.

  5. The operative word in your post is "make." Unfortunately, it's an inoperative concept among Democrats.

    Republicans and tea party types see additional election successes as their reward for keeping the misery index as high as they can. Among the public, a whole lot of ignorant know-nothings, resenters and "can't be bothered to pay attention and vote" types can be counted on to give lots of Republicans their accustomed reward.

    I hate to be so negative, but I've seen this movie too many times before.