Sunday, May 23, 2010

War Is Making You Poor

Here is Alan Grayson introducing his War Is Making You Poor Act, HR5353.



  1. More lip service from the peanut gallery.
    Follow the money. They will be voting on it this coming week.
    Gates said he wanted to trim some fat. Congress said no. We need more pork, especially in a mid term election.

    Obama will be asking for more, and more money. He is standing in the LBJ shadow.

  2. That defense budget pays a lot of salaries -- CEO salaries, and pays for a lot of elections.

    You will get no arguments from me, RZ.

  3. LOL I do not think the two of us would ever have too much to argue about.
    I remember growing up in S/CAL. how the whole economy lived and died on the MIC and aero-space.
    Just think if we took a mere 10-20% of that money and started putting it toward green, or the infrastructure of our crumbling country.

  4. I grew up in Seattle during a time when Boeing controlled the local economy. Talk about a one business town. That was Seattle in the 50's and 60's.

  5. Do lobbyists and congress critters eat pork?
    Or do they just deliver it?

  6. Government is a giant social program and we all want our piece.