Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Republicans Repudiate Reagan

Reagan said "Government is not a solution to our problem, government is the problem."

Republicans have just thrown Reagan under the bus.

Check it what Bob Cesca has to say about it.
"Republicans and tea party people have been screeching about the bailouts. They insist that the banks and financial institutions (and GM) should have been allowed to fail, rather than receiving emergency loans from the government in order to, at the time, prevent the American economy from being dragged down along with these institutions had they not been hoisted with an infusion of cash."

"Americans dying from a lack of health insurance? Too bad. No government takeover. The economy about to sink into a second Great Depression? Too bad. No government takeover. The Earth growing warmer due to the burning of fossil fuels? Too bad. No government takeover."

"And suddenly all of these state's rights, anti-government takeover Republicans are demanding a government takeover of the capping and cleanup process."

"Bobby Jindal, the state's rights small government governor who tried to block stimulus money from entering Louisiana (though it didn't stop him from eventually accepting giant checks during photo-ops), is demanding that the federal government take over the handling of the disaster."

Even Sarah Palin has gotten into the act.
"So one half of the 2008 Republican presidential "drill, baby, drill" ticket which, by the way, accepted $2.4 million in contributions from oil companies (double the amount donated to the Obama-Biden ticket), called for a government takeover of the BP situation, and lamented that it wasn't happening because the president's campaign accepted oil money.

And don't forget the Senate.
"In the U.S. Senate, the anti-bailout, anti-spending Republicans have been filibustering any Democratic effort to lift the $75 million liability cap on oil spill damages, effectively bailing out the oil companies and potentially forcing the federal government to cover any damages above and beyond the limits of the cap. Put another way, once an oil company reaches $75 million, American taxpayers take over, and Republicans like Senator Inhofe are working hard to keep it that way. Once again, just like the bailouts, the Republicans are embracing privatized, free market profits, but socialized losses."
Republicans, once again, show what they really are. They bitch and moan about big government when they are not in control of big government, and then look to big government to bail them out when one of their benefactors, big business, gets in trouble.

Remind me again why the average American should vote for these clowns.


  1. "Remind me again why the average American should vote for these clowns."

    Because they're stupid?

  2. the only ones voting for the moron hypocrites are morons! The GOP are digging their graves, they are null and void by their own dirty hands!

  3. OK, that two votes for the stupid/moronic people. I guess that is why republicans are against teachers and are working to make college unaffordable for the majority of people.