Saturday, May 29, 2010


Unprecedented??? I call bullshit!! Check out this video from ThinkProgress.

This blowout is not unprecedented. It has happened many times before.

If we had required, or BP had installed anyway, an acoustic valve, the blowout may have been prevented or stopped quickly.

If we had required, or BP had done anyway, that a relief well be drilled at the same time as the exploratory well, the blowout would have been stopped shortly, maybe within a few days, after it occurred.

Other countries do just that! We should REQUIRE (not just recommend) that relief wells drilled at the same time for all future offshore drilling, be it in shallow or deep water. All experts agree. A relief well is the only sure way of stopping the gusher.


  1. I completely agree and don't understand why it's not a requirement.

  2. It's not a requirement because the oil companies don't want to pay to do it, and the reps and senators from oil-producing states look out for their interests.

  3. thats right K, isn't it all so disgraceful!! I hope our president and all future presidents learned from this horrific disaster!

  4. K said it all. It's about the bottom line...profits...moola...dinero...greed. The fewer expensive safe guards they can get away without, the greasier their palms get. Oil company execs do not give a shit about you, me, or the Gulf of Mexico. Meism of the highest order. Seriously.