Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day To...

all you warmongers! I hope you think Afghanistan and Iraq have been worth it. I sure don't. In Afghanistan we took out a government that supported Al-Qaeda in a few days. Why are we still there? We should have never attacked Iraq in the first place. Why are we still there.

Watch this video and then tell me it is worth it.

Thanks to Its my Right to be Left of the Center for the video. Check them out for more information about what these wars have cost us and what we could have done with the money.

What could have been done by the Americans that have been killed cannot be estimated.


  1. A humble thank you for posting my video. The human cost of these forever wars can not be counted in dollars and cents.

  2. So true. The cost in human life is incalculable. That is one of the failing of our country. As long as the killing doesn't touch us, it is not important.

    A military draft brings the possibility of death to many more families and these forever wars would not be so popular.

  3. The Obama team is continuing and escalating this insanity.
    He has been given the same speeches that they gave W. Still talking about A/Q, terrorism, democracy, and freedom.
    The only thing that has freedom in AF/PAK are the drones that are being released.
    This is Obama's [war of choice] now.
    With Israels attack on the Freedom Flotilla for Gaza which happened in international waters. Israel might have taken us further into the abyss. Obama must condemn this. Israel must be held accountable. For once.