Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Pathetic State of Affairs

Let me make this very easy for you.

Here is the video:

Can't watch the video? Here is the text of what he is saying:

Forty-seven million Americans are without health insurance. Why? Because they can't afford it.

And what's Washington's solution? Require people to buy private insurance with the government providing a subsidy to the health insurance companies.

What a pathetic state of affairs that our national government cannot respond to the needs of the people and must first respond to the needs of Wall Street and the health insurance industry and their stock prices.

I am going to continue to fight for single-payer. And I'm going to continue to try to get in the final legislation a provision which will protect the rights of states to be able to move forward with single-payer health care plans of their own.

It is time that we broke the chains, which the health insurance companies have on our political process. It's time that we have a government that we can call our own. And it's time that Congress respond to the needs of the American people first, and recognize that health care is a basic right in a democratic society.

Can't read english? Try Babel Fish. It will translate it into another language -- hopefully one you can read.


  1. Are you using a boat or a car, Jerry?

  2. Oh, come on. It has only been raining for 3 days.

  3. One of my California FB friends today said:

    "Well, so far the house hasn't floated away....."

    So I was just wondering. :o)

  4. Dennis Kucinich has been consistent in his message since he first came to national attention. I have a lot of respect for him. If he had the dynamic personality to match his words . . .

  5. unbelievable.

    I'm glad I was able to stay on my ex-husband's plan the last almost 8 years.

  6. It's sadly funny that Kucinich, a man who makes more sense than just about everyone in Congress. He actually votes like a Democrat, is branded a kook by so many in his own party.

    I like Obama Jerry. I'm more than willing to give him the time to affect the change we want. Things take time. The republicans and DINOS aren't going to just roll over. I do think Obama should listen to Kucinich far more than he apparently does though.

  7. Unfortunately, the Babel Fish does not provide a translation into the Republican, so those who need to hear and understand this message the most, will not.

  8. The republican language consists of only one word -- NO.