Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cheney Evil?

What?!? You don't think the Big Dick is evil? Take a gander at what George Washington over at Washington's Blog has to say about him. This man (?) has been doing evil for the last 30 - 40 years. He belongs in jail.


  1. Great photo, even if it probably is photoshopped. It might not be, however. Gawd, I detest that person. And his daughter, too.

    I just added you to my blogroll, mostly because I like blogs with the word "crap" in them....

  2. I knew some of this, but certainly not all. Thanks for the additional info on this creep.

  3. Hi Jerry. First, thanks for your visit and comment at Politics Plus.

    Back in topic, Cheney has to be the one of the most malevolent individuals to hold power in US history. Obama should allow DOJ to press charges against him.