Thursday, December 17, 2009

Where Is The Good?

With no single payer, no public option, and no Medicare for 55 - 64 year olds, what is left for the people. The insurance companies have:
  • Kept their anti-trust exemption
  • Will be able to sell insurance across state lines thereby avoiding stricter state regulations
  • Charge older people up to 4 times what they charge younger people
  • Charge more for pre-existing conditions
  • Can set annual limits
Keith can say it better than I can.

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And we have to buy it! Well, actually not all of us have to. Just those of us under 65. The rest of us get that socialized, single payer, popular, efficient government insurance program Medicare.

The insurance companies? They are in hog heaven. They have won. They have gotten what they want. They are in good shape. Just listen to what Wendel Potter (ex-insurance company executive) has to say about it.

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And I should support this insurance reform why?


  1. Ain't that some shit? I am beyond pissed at the Dem's. I believe they, including Obama, have gotten all that they wanted..a huge corporate welfare scheme for the insurance industry.

    My son will still not have insurance. And he needs it or he will end up with a back as fucked up as mine.

    He is 30 years old and has never had health insurance. He is not alone I am sure.

  2. this says it all Jerry! Its all so pathetic, BUT some still say wait for the final bill! Yeah when pigs fly....

  3. Not nice. Not nice at all. I thought there were going to be CHANGE for the better with Obama in office.

  4. Welll..... It would be really good for you if you happen to own about 10 trillion dollars in insurance company stocks. There's that... Or are a prominent politician who just happens to get lots and lots of contributions from the insurance companies.

    There's always an upside to everything.

  5. You think we're going to get a better bill any time soon? Maybe if we get some more Democrats in the Senate, but that's not until 2011.

    It ain't great, but it beats nothing.