Wednesday, December 23, 2009

More Republican Crazy Talk

Newt say that when the Republicans take back the House in 2010 (crazy talk number 1), Bachmann will become a committee chairman (crazy talk number 2).

I think he is just trying to put a move on her.


  1. OMG!!! If that really happens... so help me God this country will be certifiably INSANE! Just looking at her makes me laugh, is she for real?? LOL

    Have a very Merry Christmas Jerry!!

  2. While I would hardly call Bachman the face that launched a thousand ships, if the republicans think Coulter is sexy. Why wouldn't they fawn all over this nincompoop as well?

    This is really no surprise. I heard these perverts have been emailing a picture of Bay Buchannon in a bikini amongst each other.

  3. "he is just trying to put a move on her"

    Republican (not Jerry's) not-so-crazy talk no. 3. :)

    Michele and Sarah are among the GOP babes and we know about those family values men, don't we.

  4. "I think he is just trying to put a move on her."

    Good God, why? This one invokes the pole analogy for me...based on her insipidness alone.

  5. Good! They deserve each other!!

  6. That gnarly-assed old fuck is coming to my red burg very soon. Along with Cheney, Rove, Palin and a shitload of nasty carpetbaggin' sumbitches.

    Enjoy the silly season! ;)