Tuesday, July 28, 2009

First Class Government Health Care

Why are comedians better interviewers than news people? Check out the video below. Jon Stewart exposes Bill Kristol's ridiculous stand on health care. Kristol opposes a public option, yet he admits on camera that the government can run a first class health care system. It is the system that the military uses. It is the VA, the Veterans Administration.

Oh, by the way, it is not only run by the government, but it is a socialistic government program. The government runs it, owns the medical facilities, and employs the doctors. For the people in it, our veterans, it is a single payer system. Another little item to consider. The veterans "rate the care they receive through the Department of Veterans Affairs health care system higher than other Americans rate private-sector health care...".

View the video here.



  1. Bill Kristol is batshit krazy, as you know. IMHO. Wrong on pretty much everything and dangerous to society. Again IMHO.

    He was the staunchest supporter of Palin, from the very beginning (I think he is attracted to her -- at least THAT would explain his support), he beat the drums for the Iraq invasion -- and I will never forget his glib pre-war media interviews where, with his trademark smirk, he was telling us what an excellent adventure in spreading freedom and democracy that would be. He, Richard "Cakewalk" Perle, Tom Friedman, Fareed Zakaria, who in the meantime has been fashioned into an international policy expert -- all these people, in addition to Bush, Cheney, Rummy and others -- have innocent people's blood on their hands.

    Why they are still in the public eye, fomenting people's opinions and expressing their twisted views, is beyond me. But then, a lot is beyond me these days (and not only these days).

    Speaking of comedians, how about Stewart-Maher 2012?

  2. Stewart-Maher - They speak more truth than most of our politicians, and it would be an entertaining race.