Saturday, July 25, 2009

Healthcare Capitalists -- Where Are You?

OK all you healthcare capitalists, wherever you are. Elizabeth at The Middle Of Nowhere tells me, in a rather humorous way, why profit and healthcare don't mix. She tells me why we need to take the profit out of healthcare insurance. A for-profit healthcare insurance company's primary purpose is to make money. Our purpose in buying healthcare insurance is to pay for injury and illnesses so that we can continue to live and not suffer. They more coverage they deny, the more money they make and the more people die and suffer.

So, what is the argument for keeping profit in healthcare insurance? What is the benefit to me to keep my private health insurance with it high monthly premium and high deductible? I wish someone could explain it to me without all the fear mongering of "another big government program taking over our lives". I want to hear some concrete benefits that I will get that I will not get from a public program at a lower price.

Come on health care capitalists. Let's see something else beside all your money, money you are spending not on providing me with better healthcare, but money you are spending on maintaining the status quo by buying off politicians, building great edifices in your honor, and paying your executives obscene wages and bonuses.


  1. So many people I know do buy into that thinking of what you wrote

    "I wish someone could explain it to me without all the fear mongering of "another big government program taking over our lives"."

    They really feel the government will be taking over their lives and they will get worse coverage. They believe all that propaganda that it is better to keep things the way they are... Health for Profit..

  2. Hey, Jerry, thanks for the plug!

    Apparently Paul Krugman agrees with your and my thoughts (as do most rational and compassionate people, I'd imagine).

    This is a fantastic picture you used there, btw. I'm very tempted to ste..., er, borrow it. ;)

    BTW, is your surgery today? (Can't quite keep track of time, sorry.) If so, good luck!

  3. Jerry, I hope you don't mind (too terribly), but I did, er, borrow that picture (with attribution)-- check my P.S. to the Co-ops post.

  4. Of course, Elizabeth, no problem. After all, I can't complain much since I "borrowed" it from somewhere (?).