Monday, July 6, 2009

How Scared Are They?

How scared is the health care industry about health insurance reform?

As reported by, "...insurers, pharmaceutical companies, medical associations and hospitals have hired more than 350 former government staff members and retired members of Congress as part of a $1.4 million-a-day lobbying campaign">

$1,400,000 per DAY!

350 former government staff member and RETIRED MEMBERS OF CONGRESS.

They are scared shitless!

GOOD! Maybe that means we will get some meaningful reform, maybe even a (heaven forbid) public option.


  1. Oh yeah, they are scared shitless. Unfortunately, so are our lawmakers.

    If we don't get this (healthcare reform) done now, we'd blow it majorly. And so will Obama. No matter what else he might do, if he botches this issue, he'll be a failure as president.

    Was is Churchill who said that Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing -- after they've exhausted everything else?

    This seems to be the case going on now with the healthcare reform.

  2. Healthcare reform will show where the power lays (or lies). From what I read, the people are overwhelmingly in favor of a strong public option. The healthcare industry, not so much. Not at all, really.

    People elect the politicians. Business pays for the elections through their political contributions. This is the big disconnect. Who will the politicians be more beholden to -- money or voters?

    What comes out of healthcare reform will answer that question.

  3. can I ask, what happens in the US if you dont have health insurance, do they/can they refuse to treat you?

  4. If you can't pay cash, they can refuse to treat you.

    You can go to a hospital emergency room and they will treat you if you are seriously sick -- like ready to die. So, rather than treating an illness at the beginning, it is treated at the end -- the most expensive kind of care.

    There are also some "free" clinics available to the poor, but not many.

    The other, rather insidious side of health insurance, is that without it you pay the highest prices. For example, a couple of years ago I had to spend one night in the hospital for a heart-related problem. The total hospital bill was over $12,000. This total was reduced to about $2,500 because of agreements with my insurance company. I paid $2,500. My insurance did not pay anything because of high deductible that I have to keep the monthly premiums down. If I did not have insurance, like if I could not afford it, I would have owed $12,000. Crazy!

  5. Oh dear,

    thanks for the information, you really need a reform over there.

    Trusting your eye surgery went well.:)


  6. Yes, we really do need reform. I am afraid that we will not get what we need because of the large influence (money) of the healthcare industry. They have a very vested interest in limiting the changes as much as they can.

    How do you like your health care system?

    Surgery on my right eye in tomorrow and the left eye will be done in two weeks.


  7. Yes, i'm not optimistic about the change in your healthcare system but I suppose if anyone could deliver the goods its probably Obama. Fingers crossed!

    Well, we have the national health service. I am not a great fan of the NHS. Its free, yes, but the quality of care is questionable. To me it seems a very basic system. I am sure you have heard about the MRSA problem in the hospitals, some of them are filthy, the reason, the cleaning was contracted out to cheap and ineffective contractors by local authorities.

    Whenever I go to see my GP (general practitioner) its like they want you in and out the door as soon as possible, there is no follow up or continuity of care, there is not time to chat about chronic problems, its prescription (or not) and out the door. There is no quality of service.

    I would gladly pay more tax for a more personal service, but then I should probably be thankful for what we do have and the knowledge that if we need to go to hospital then we do not have to hand over thousands of pounds. Having said that, I used to say to DH that if we ever needed important surgery then we were going to pay to go private because I have little faith in NHS Hospitals.

    Good luck with the surgery.