Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Conflict Of Interest

The Washington Post reports today that on May 26 Bax Baucus sat down at a dinner with "about 20 donors willing to fork over $10,000 or more to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, including executives of major insurance companies, hospitals and other health-care firms." Furthermore, "Health-related companies and their employees gave Baucus's political committees nearly $1.5 million in 2007 and 2008, when he began holding hearings and making preparations for this year's reform debate. "

This is the man heading the Senate Finance Committee, the committee tasked with writing a healthcare bill for the senate. Is there any wonder why he is opposed to a public option? When he held senate hearings, he did not even allow advocates of a public healthcare option to testify.

Our system is broken!


  1. Jerry, are you really suggesting that such an honorable politician would be susceptible to monetary inducements which may sway his political votes...?

    I'm shocked, shocked, I tell ya, at your cynicism. ;)

  2. The Government is NOT run in a democratic fashion.

    It is sad but true.

    The government need a 12 Step Program we say in Al-Anon.

    We run our meetings; (and we have a WSO since Al-anon is all over the world) with 12 Traditions and 12 Concepts of Services to teach humility for when people take a commitment to service for a year or 2. There is more checks and balances in Al-Anon.

    To serve for 3 months in the meetings too .. treasury; secretary; Opening Person; coffee/set up person; is rotated; and is an act of Service.. humility; and there are District Reps; and than State reps; and once a year US meeting; and every 4 years there is a convention from all around the world in 2012 it'll be in Canada.. I did not go to the PA one in 2008 but plan on going in 2012.

    (so far no corruptions with money due to so many checks and balances and conflict of interest are avoided)

    Tradition 7 we are not allow to take donations from outsiders.. we can't have them rule us (conflict of interest).. we all just give a $1.00 or so at each meeting volunteerly and rent the basements of churches or wherever at low prices but we do pay rent.

    Just thought I'll share about the democratizes of 12 step groups.