Friday, July 24, 2009

Fun Times At The Kennel

My home has been turned into a dog kennel for the weekend. We are watching our son's three dogs for the weekend. Add these three to my two and that gives me a big bunch of dogs -- all females. The breakdown is:

2 German Shepherds
1 Yellow Lab
1 Golden Retriever
1 Chiweenie (mix of chihuahua and dachshund

That's right, 4 bigs and 1 tiny. The chiweenie has grown up with the large dogs so she thinks she is a big dog also. It is fun watching them run around the yard. They all get along very well. They eat together without problems and have a great time barking at people as they walk by the house. Also, I have never seen poop accumulate so fast in the backyard.

I am building up my nerve to walk all five at one time. Right now, I take them two at a time and then walk the chiweene by herself. They walk pretty good on a leash, not perfect, but not too bad. I can usually control their pulling with a jerk on the leash -- as long as there are not cats around. Cats, or squirrels, and all bets are off.

I will have them all again next weekend, so I may wait until then to try to group walk.

Wish me luck.


  1. OMG... Five beasts unleashed?! Or leashed -- not sure which is worse...:)

    But what fun, no? (Apart from poop-picking, obviously.)

  2. 5 dogs at once to try walking.. Good LUCK.. you can get a career as a Dog Walker in NYC.. I seen people walking around 8 or 10... and they were all well behaved.. (obedient school probably).

    Too much POOP...

    Enjoy .. dogs are sweet..

  3. wow! that is a lot of dogs. lots of fun! (except for the walking. I don't feel like I have enough arms for Atlas sometimes, 5 dogs .. wow :)